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Field Trips Are Now available for Scheduling.

The Day at the Airport is a fun, fast paced STEM educational field trip held at the Joplin Regional Airport.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Provides the Field Trip?

Trips are organized and conducted by a collaborative effort of personnel from the Joplin Regional Airport, Mizzou Aviation and the Freedom of Flight Museum.

Who Can Attend?

The field trips are available to area elementary school students, home school groups, after school programs and youth organizations.  Generally, the educational content and activities are most suited to students in grades 2 through 5.  The trips also require the ability to climb stairs and maintain group discipline since some of the activities are completed on active areas of the airport.  Some aspects of the trip are not ADA compliant.

When Can you Attend?

Full trips are available March through June, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 11:30 AM and 12:00 PM until 2:30 PM.  Our staff is limited so only two morning/afternoon sessions will be scheduled each week.  Trips can be tailored to fit your available time.  Group size is limited to 100 students per trip.  Cost is $25.00 per class for activity material fee. Visit our Online Store to pay the activity material kit fee.

What you can see and do?

Having fun while learning about aviation and aerospace is the goal for the day. 
A full trip has students arriving at the Joplin Regional Airport airline terminal to be greeted by airport staff.  Students receive an airline boarding pass, learn how to check their baggage, make their way through airport security and learn how to retrieve their baggage.  Next, they board their bus for the General Aviation Terminal where they are divided into small groups for station rotation. 

How much can I expect to win?

We never charge for an initial consultation. At the free initial consultation, we will discuss the details of your potential case, the legal process and answer any questions you may have.

Station 1

will include viewing several general aviation aircraft along with learning the various parts of an airplane. Attendees may view the fire and rescue truck when available.

Station 2

will include a hands-on aerospace related STEM activity that conforms to Next Generation Science Standards. Attendees will be able to take their completed activity with them.

Station 3

will include a tour of the Aerospace Science and Technology Center (ASTC) where students will view aerospace exhibits. If time permits, students will be able to fly the Flight Stimulator, a scale replica of a B-52 bomber cockpit

Station 4

. . . will include a tour of the airport’s inactive air traffic control tower where they will learn about airport layouts, aerodynamics, weather and the functions of air traffic control.
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Next Generation Science Standards Addressed by the Field Trips

Grade level 2 – NGSS-ETS1
Grade level 3 – NGSS-PS2 and ETS1
Grade level 4 – NGSS-PS3 and ETS1
Grade level 5 – NGSS-PS2 and ETS1

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